The pricing for Small Marketing Teams programs is not complicated. However, there are several factors that determine your cost - from which program is right for you to how many people in your company will be using HubSpot.

We want to be as upfront and transparent as possible with you. We purchase solutions to grow our business too and nothing is more frustrating and worrisome than a cagey pricing discussion.

Our “Value First” Approach

We won’t offer you enrollment in our programs until we are 100% confident that working together will deliver lasting and measurable results. While we aim for at least a 9X ROI in the first year, most clients average well above that.

How To Calculate The Value Of Fixing Your Sales & Marketing Processes

Since you are doing your business a disservice if you have the cost discussion without the outcome in mind, here is a clear way to calculate the return on this type of investment.

Assume the following:

  • Your average sale price is $10,000 per deal.
  • You are generating 100 leads per month.
  • Your sales team connects with 25 of those leads and determines 15 of them are qualified.
  • Only 5 leads turn into paying customers this year.

The rest of the leads are never reached, are not ready to move forward in the sales process, or fall off your sales team’s radar (so they go with a competitor).

For your lead generation investment, you got $50,000 in sales. 95 leads did not convert into sales.

When you invest in installing a selling system that your sales team loves and follows, envision your funnel metrics looking like this:

  • Your average sale price is still $10,000 per deal.
  • You are still generating 100 leads per month.
  • Your sales team connects with 50 of those leads and determines 35 of them are qualified.
  • Now, 15 leads turn into paying customers this year.

With the same marketing investment, you generated $150,000.

It is important to understand that not all leads have a shot at turning into revenue. However, if you are not connecting with, qualifying, and following up with every lead, you are leaving money on the table. You just don’t know how much.

In this case, you gained an additional $100,000 in revenue by putting a lead management process in place and supporting your sales team in adopting your CRM processes and sales tools.

HubSpot Programs For Any Business Size

Sometimes, we can help you grow at no cost.

We run a free Facebook community where we answer your questions. We host free online web classes, as well as provide dozens of other resources through our website, podcast, and social networks.

In addition to these self-service tools, you have the opportunity to speak to one of our HubSpot growth specialists to discuss your situation. Sometimes, your problems can be solved in a single phone call.

We also offer you a free Lead Conversion Audit to help you:

  1. Get clarity on where in your funnel you should focus your time and resources.
  2. See ways to make your sales team more efficient (so they can handle more leads without needing to add headcount).
  3. Figure out how much revenue is leaking from your current sales process.

When you need help increasing sales beyond our free options, Small Marketing Teams has programs to fit businesses in all stages of growth.

These services range in cost from $97 to over $80,000 per month. We make two promises to you:

  • We avoid having you buy more services (or software) than you need at this time.
  • We never offer any program that we would not purchase ourselves.

We are not in the business of providing HubSpot consulting for the sake of being consultants. This commitment to you ensures that our clients get relentless value and the results they seek.

How To Determine Your Pricing

Each Small Marketing Team program has a specific outcome and solves a different problem for your company. These engagements vary in duration from 2 hours to 2 years (and beyond).

It is important to select the right program for your business. To determine how we can help and layout the ROI equation, schedule a strategy session with one of our HubSpot Growth Specialists.